Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ahhh Friends....

They make everyday so much better. Which is why I love this photo so much. We took this a couple days ago on 'Decades Day' for spirit week at our high school. Our class was obviously the 1950s. And we definitely put some effort into dressing up! I love that we had this day because I wish we could dress like this all the time. I love the 1950s time period for many reasons, but mostly because of the fashion. I actually made the skirt that I am wearing (3rd in from the right, in the white button up and skirt) from one of my grandmother's patterns she used to use for her skirts when she was young. You can also see quite the characters here, which also translates into another reason I love fashion. You get to be a different person everyday! That is my motto for the clothes I wear. I can seem like a totally different person everyday from just the way I dress. Anyways, this is my first posting and I'm new to the whole blogging thing, so please bear with me and I will improve! I'll try to get the other pictures we took that day up I'm just waiting for my friend to upload them! I will try to post pictures of my outfits as often as I can, but with the heaviest possible class load for a sophomore, I am usually caught up with school! But I will try my darndest to keep some sort of regularity with posts! Thanks for reading!

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