Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Hearts All Aflutter

Okay so I haven't been able to blog with all my school stuff lately. I was able to take pictures but not take the time to make a blog post of them! So the weather's been kicking up here. 50 degrees in February? IN NEW ENGLAND?! It sure is rarely heard of around here but its been great so far! I've been able to wear alot more dresses than I was able to last year simply because when I wake up in the morning and it looks cold outside, I don't really feel like throwing on a dress!
So this is a more casual look but the sweater just makes it look like you're at least trying!  I love the way this sweater fits me and these jeans are a great length and wash. They used to fit everywhere great but then I lost some weight so I need to work my jean magic to shrink them around but not lengthwise. (Which may be impossible sadly!)
So I wanted my inner beauty advice today to be:
Don't let the number on that tag, keep you from buying something or wearing the wrong size. Because (to refer to special K commercials) You're size sassy, radiant, CONFIDENT!
Whatever it may be, let your personality show, NOT your size! Because in my mind and the minds of many others, if your clothes have the best fit for your body, you instantly feel confident, and people WILL take notice. So don't squeeze into a small when you are a beautiful, vivacious, large.  OWN IT! As long as you are healthy and aren't risking your own health and safety with your way of life and eating, by all means show off what you've got.
Again comment with any questions, suggestions, anything! It's the only way I can give you give you guys exactly what you want!
Good luck with your fashion adventures and see you soon!
Sweater- Delia's