Saturday, March 17, 2012

this is the third time ive posted the beauty advice so here's hoping!

I chose this quote today because I feel that beauty is all based on the person looking in. For example, if a passerby looks at a magazine rack in the U.S., it is most likely to see the "california girl" as I like to call it. (and in no way is that meant to be a Katy Perry reference)
Anyways, it's a girl who is very slim, maybe too much for her own good, with bleach blonde hair and tan skin, as if she spends every waking hour of her existence at the beach. Now if we go to somewhere else, I'm going to say Mexico just as an example, they have full-figured women with mostly dark brown hair.
Now some American women (although I don't agree with them) will think "Why is she on the magazine cover? She obviously eats carbs!" And vice versa with women in Mexico.
What my point is here after that horribly long rant is that what beauty is to one culture, could be absolutely different to another. It all depends on the culture, heritage, and background of the society. What really matters is your personality.
now im hoping this post came through to you guys!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Flowers and Bows, All A Girl Ever Needs

Hey Everyone!
So, I am so surprised I was able to find the time this weekend to post so I'm doing it as quick as I can before something comes up like usual!
So I've been doing the casual thing lately with my clothes, mostly because I've been accidentally getting out of bed later than intended and tights are hard work to get on in a hurry! I have on just a simple pair of jeans, converse, a blouse and a cardigan. I wore this to school the other day, which ended up being a good option considering there was a big snow storm by the time the final bell had rung :( I think I might've jinxed all of Massachusetts in my last post bragging about the weather.
Anyway, I really love this outfit because it's comfy and they just go together really well in my mind. Also, if you haven't noticed from my other posts, I'm kind of obsessed with navy blue. Navy blue cardigans, dresses, blazers, even my converse. My jeans are even a close match to navy blue wash.
So my inner beauty advice today is:(look in the next post for quote explanation;stupid formatting problems...)
Beauty is not real. Beauty only exists in perception
(explanation is in above blog post sorry for the inconvenience!)
Cardigan- Gift
Blouse- JC Penney's
Shoes-Converse/ JCP

**Look at that, I managed to wear an outfit without one single thing from Forever 21..what's going on?**