Sunday, April 29, 2012

Prom 2012 Part 1

I've always loved looking at all the beautiful prom dresses this time of year. Which is what I did on Facebook almost all day yesterday as people posted new albums! Since I wasn't asked to prom this year, I've decided to go ahead and post about the most popular styles this year, my thoughts on them, my personal favorites, and a cheap and more expensive version of each perhaps! Along with these, I will post the most affordable sites I've found this season! And to not make this a really long post I'm going to combine a couple of the styles I've seen together within one dress.

Allure dress "Night Moves" $298
Night Moves by Allure 6228 <em>Ombre Prom</em> Gown With Beaded Strap

Ombre Glitter Side Slit by DebShops $145
<em>ombre glitter side slit prom dress</em>,default,pd.html?dwvar_1000025765_color=050&start=1&q=ombre

I really like both of these dresses in these colors but they both come in different colors for different tastes. I believe the top one is absolutely stunning with the draping on the sides and the embellishment, but for over 150 DOLLARS LESS you can get a very similar dress which I think is also very beautiful. I'm not a big fan of the side slit but because has the unexpected dark purple underneath the slit it looks awesome. The one shoulder strap look I also tend not to like but since the first dress does it with beading and embellishment, it becomes very feminine and I like it alot more than just a fabric one shoulder.

Flirt Strapless High Low Dress $498
Flirt P1683 Strapless <em>High</em>-<em>Low Prom Dress</em>
 Onyx Dress, Strapless Sequin Tiered High Low $121
Onyx Dress, Strapless Sequin Tiered High Low Hem Evening Gown
So I like the high low hem we've seen in spring fashion lately, but for prom dresses I didn;t really see much I was wowed by. Until I saw these, that is.  I love the colors of both of these and Ido like going over the top with my dresses which explains the first choice of frills and ruffles everywhere! But I think I like the Macy's dress better. It says look at me with the hem so I feel like maybe you don't have to be very much more over the top with the design and dress material, color etc. And considering it's about 460 dollars less it would be my choice anyway! This is Pretty Affordable Fashion isnt it?!

SHORT, Two Tone Tulle, Multi Color Embellishment
Sherri Hill Multi  Tulle Short Dress $450
Multi Tulle Sherri Hill <em>Short Prom Dress</em> 1477
Two Tone Beaded Satin Tulip Dress $56
two tone beaded satin tulip dress,default,pd.html?q=short%20dresses&pmin=70&pmax=80
I actually like A lot of these short prom dresses because they are very feminine, poofy, frilly, and colorful (right up my alley)! Unfortunately, these dresses look like prom dresses, which means I could not wear them anywhere else, otherwise I would buy them for another occasion because I must wear a full length gown to my next prom no ifs ands or buts! I like the two tone tulle look because its just as cool looking as it is to say! And i love the rainbow of beading on the black material of the first dress its so cool and edgy looking! Also if you are on a budget, the short dresses are perfect becaus ethey cost considerably less just because of the less material. So you can make a statement and save money! Perfect Combo!

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