Friday, June 29, 2012

All That Glitters Is Not Always Gold

So I was searching very hard for this nail polish and I finally found it! It is the Rainbow in the S-Kylie glitter nail polish from the new Kardashian Kolor by Nicole by OPI. I love it because you can put virtually any color polish as a base coat (including clear) and it looks awesome! I used the Essie Pink Diamond as my base. Now in these pictures it is chipping a bit on the top so I'm going to give some advice now that I've done it. So this glitter nail polish stays on until you want it off! Which has two sides to it, yes it stays on long, but it can be difficult when you want to remove it. I used cotton swabs and remover and the cotton would just stick in the glitter on my nail. I got it off eventually, but if anybody finds a better way tell me! Also I stupidly only put on one coat of the pink so by about 4 days later, it was only pink where there was glitter on top of it. Other than that it was great and a lot of people commented on it! 
Oh and one bit of thrifty advice. If you have an Ocean State Job Lot near you, don't buy Essie nail polish in the normal stores you would get it. I find tons of colors at Ocean State for about 50-60% less than other stores. But sometimes they just have a bunch of a few colors, so I would check ocean state first, then if they don't have your color spring for it!
This would also be an awesome idea for prom! My friend did it and it looked amazing!

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