Sunday, July 1, 2012

Last Sweater Before Summer

So I was cleaning my albums on the computer out and found these outfit pictures that I never posted! This was about a month ago and I'm pretty it was and will be the last time I wear a sweater before Fall comes around. It's too bad because the shorts are very nice in the summer because they are light weight and they go perfectly with the sweater for the whole nautical look, but it's just too hot to wear! I love this outfit and I wear it alot in the spring because it gives that retro vibe to it with the high waist shorts. I tend to wear red white and blue a lot, and in fact, the bathing suit I ordered for this year makes me look like an American Flag (pics to come! 4th of July maybe!?).
Anyway, I'll be on the hunt this summer for a short sleeve version of the red and white stripes to wear with my shorts! Sorry there is only one full outfit picture the rest were all blurry!

Sweater-Forever 21
Shorts- Forever 21
Shoes- I honestly can't remember!

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