Sunday, September 16, 2012

First Day

Okay so I realize that I have been back in school for about three weeks now, but I have to catch up with my posts so yay First Day of School outfit!
So I love this dress because it just fits me awesome everywhere, but it is a little bit shorter than I like but I can deal. Especially since I am going to be wearing tights soon with the chilly fall weather coming in. I also love the color of the dress and I feel like the collar brings attention to my new hair do! So if you haven't been following me on instagram, you would be just finding out that I cut my hair. (I realize the second to last post I wrote I had my hair cut but I'm laying down and you can't really tell) I had been thinking of cutting my hair for a while and when I found out my salon takes Locks of Love donations, I thought it was now or never. So I went in about two or three weeks ago and decided to chop off the hair I had been growing out since the horrible haircut of '03. (My second grade self decided I would look good with my very curly hair cut up to my ears. I didn't...) So I was a little worried about cutting my hair short again because of that elementary disaster, but I am not particularly attached to my hair like some girls just because mine grows so fast. I knew that if I didn't like it I could have it long again in a little less than a year. So, after my hairdresser asking me about ten times if I was ready and "Are you sure? Please don't go into shock when I cut it like other girls" I told her to snip away! And no, I didn't go into shock. I liked it. And still do. Especially the way my curls look now without all the weight on them I kind of have that 30s flapper look going on. And I love it :)
So tell me, have you ever wanted to cut your hair but were too afraid, or you did and you loved or hated it!? I wanna know! Comment with your stories below and again tell me what you like and don't like what I do, it's the only way I can make you guys enjoy the blog more! If you need any advice I'm happy to give it and good luck in your fashion adventures!
Please ignore my sister's thumb on the top of the frame....

 Dress: Forever 21 Price here
Shoes: Steve Madden via Marshall's: Price here

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