Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What I Bought This Month- August!

Alright I swear that the odds are not in my favor with this blog. As soon as I get home for good to my computer it gets a virus on it and I can't upload any of my outfit shots :( But the computer is fixed- for now- and I'll try to crank the posts out.
So I was watching a you tuber named Brittani Louise Taylor. She has like a main channel, beauty channel, and a daily vlog personal channel. I highly suggest checking at least one of her channels out because I just feel like she has a really great outlook on life, she's super generous and always puts other people before her (including her fans! she's given away 6 ipads and other awesome prizes!) and she gives awesome beauty advice, and she's funny! I was on her beauty one (brittanilouise) and she does these monthly videos named "my favorite things" "things I regret buying" "things I recommend". She is just really thorough and gives great reviews and she inspired me to have this idea. I am going to (hopefully!) every month from now on take pictures of everything I have bought that month tell you a little something about each one! 
 So this month, there is going to be a lot of stuff what with back to school and such so enjoy! So yeah let me know if this is a good idea, a bad idea, you like it, you don't like it, YOU LOVE IT?! Comment below with your thoughts and good luck in your fashion adventures!

I LOVE this bag! It goes with a lot more than I thought it would!
Marshall's $45 (originally $95)

I haven't gotten to wear this yet because the back does scoop down and it shows my bra so I'm waiting to wear it when I get a black bandeau to wear underneath. Other than that 
though, it fits me perfectly and the three quarter sleeves I am in love with.
Forever 21 12.50?

 I really love this dress and the fact that it came with a belt. YES!
Forever 21: 19.80

I really like the shoulder cut out trend right now and I found this dress at Tj Maxx. It was the only one left and its kinda big but the good thing about the a-line is that  I can belt it andpull the excess in the front to the sides and it just makes the skirt fuller! So pretty!
Tj Maxx: $12

I love this dress because it gives you the 60's straight shift dress look but enough shape to it that it doesn't make your curves be mistaken for excess pounds!
Marshall's: $20

Love this dress because it actually fits me in the armholes! I am attracted to a lot of sleeveless stuff and I always have the problem of many things being to big in the underarms. But this one fits perfectly and I love the buttons on it.
F21: 24.80

This is a little bit more glitzy than I usually wear day to day but I think with the gray cotton for most of the cardigan its okay. I also wear a lot of black plain dresses so this way it spruces them up a bit
Marshall's: $15

I am in love with these jeans! I have always wanted a pair of guess jeans but could never afford them and then I found them one day on the Tj Maxx rack and it was love at first sight. I have never had a pair of jeans fit so well and feel like they were made just for me. The length is perfect for me and Ah I just love them so much!
TJ Maxx: $40 (originally $89)

I really like this skirt because the pattern is there but not huge, I love houndstooth, and its LONG ENOUGH. I can NEVER find a pencil skirt that is long enough without looking like I'm off to the office for a day of work. It just works for me and I can't wait for it to get colder out so I can wear it because it's wool!
F21: 22.80

So I realize this is a really bad picture but I did wear it already and there are better photos on instagram because I actually have them on. These were the kind of clothing you're not sure about when it is on the rack but once you try it on you're IN LOVE with them. they are high waisted and perfect
TJ Maxx: $15

Love these shorts because they are a really dark denim so I can wear denim tops with them and it works better than being the same jean color.
Forever 21: 10?

Love this shirt and everytime I wear it people tell me they think the bunnies are wicked cute! I really like the ultra feminine collars on everything lately and I'm def trying to find as many shirts like this as I can!
TJ Maxx: $15

I bought this to go with the next item and I hope I can find a few new ways to transition it into fall. Any ideas please let me know!
F21: $14.80

I love this shirt but unfortunately I bought it at the end of summer sale so I didn't get to wear it much :(  It's cropped but I wear it with high waist bottoms to play with body proportions!
F21: $17.80

I love both these shoes! I needed dress shoes that wouldn't hurt my feet. Let's face it ballet flats hurt and give you blisters and nobody likes wearing heels everyday; and I'm not wear my gym sneakers with my dresses. But I find both of these very comfortable for flats because they are more constructed than a ballet flat and black and brown shoes, at least one of them is going to match any outfit!
TJ Maxx: both $30

So I got an Ipad from my school in a new iniative for digital learning and I needed a case for it ASAP. Let's just say I'm very uncoordinated and clumsy. And so I went to Amazon and found this wonderful purply pink case. Its soft and leathery and the keypad is silicon (silicone? whichever one isn't used in plastic surgery...) There are two sides to this case. I love the color and look of it and the when you type the keys don't clack and disturb others. The other side is that the keyboard is very in accurate and inefficient. The keys don't respond to my touch sometimes and sometimes it responds too much with typing three of the same letter. In order to have it pick up every letter, you must apply equal pressure which slows down my typing speed and my efficiency.
Amazon: $20

I needed navy blue tights considering I ripped mine last winter (WHY DO I ALWAYS RIP THEM???) And I wanted to try out the bright tight color trend so I picked up a pair of magenta!
Macy's: 2 for $22

I bought these in black and gray and couldn't wait to wear them! theyre easier than dealing with tights and barely slip down! they hit about 3 or 4 inches above the knee for me and so I don't look like a little school girl.
F21: $4.80 each

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