Saturday, September 29, 2012

Beach Blanket Bingo

Hello! So I have been so busy with schoolwork that I haven't been able to watch tv let alone blog. So I'm catching up on  things this weekend.
I just love this outfit. I wore it last week, when sadly, it was still warm. All this past week it has been about 50 degrees out in the morning. I love fall, but it just feels weird that last week I was wearing shorts and now all I wear are tights and jeans.
I love this outfit because I love playing with the denim fashion rule. "DO NOT wear more than one piece of denim in the same outfit" is what any person with a little fashion sense will tell you. But I think there is an exception to this rule: two different shades of denim. In this outfit they shorts are so much darker than the shirt's denim color, that I think it is okay. 
Also, I just love playing with proportions. Give me a crop top and high waist bottoms and I will be a happy girl! Which is also explains the title of this post. These proportions and cut of the clothes just remind me of something Annette would wear while she is partying with Frankie and friends on the beach at night over her swimsuit.
So this is my last summer outfit of the year :( Good bye summer, and hello beautiful fall colors and layers that I love so much!
So check back often for new outfits and good luck in your fashion adventures!

Shirt: Forever 21
Shorts: Forever 21
Both prices here

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