Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lace, Beads, and Tights

So, first fall outfit of the year, and also a style I will be wearing a lot this fall and winter: tights and shorts. For fall it doesn't matter what thickness tights you wear because it is still kinda warm. For winter I go for the thicker nylon tights or woolish ones.
I love these shorts! I found them at T.J. Maxx and when I first picked them up I was worried they might look a little trashy. But I always say to try everything on and take your time in the dressing room. Just because it fits, does not mean move onto the next thing. Move around in it. Is it comfy? Itchy? Too short? Too long? Are the colors/patterns good? Will you be able to wear it with alot? I spend an hour in a store and about 50 minutes of it in the dressing room, but I love every piece of clothing I buy and it guarantees that I will wear it. It WILL NOT sit in my closet.
So anyway, they fit perfect and were alot longer than I thought they would be so I got them! I have had the shirt for a long time and it is kinda falling apart where the beads were but hey I have had it for about three years and it was about $4 at Marshall's so I'm not complaining. 
I also love patterned tights. I have the standard, plain, navy brown and black tights for versatility but I also have brown and black patterned tights. I think they give an outfit that extra something if the pieces are plain. I don't use them that much because I tend to buy things with little patterns on them but I thought it looked good with these pieces. And I don't consider lace a pattern if a dark color on a dark color. I have a purple dress with white lace overlay and that I consider because it is making the statement and the patterned tights are not needed. 
So, I  cannot wait for fall! Don't be afraid to leave comments, suggestions or questions below or on my instagram: prettyaffordablefashion! Good luck in your fashion adventures!

Shirt: Marshall's $4
Shorts: TJMAXX price here
Tights: Kohl's $12?

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