Friday, July 27, 2012

Share the Love

So I just wanted to take a quick second for something. A clothing website called Mod Cloth ( is doing a promotion with sharing. Every person that uses the link down below and joins the modcloth community and joins the email list, will get a link they canshare on their blog, facebook, or twitter! Every person who joins because of you, Mod Cloth will give you and the new member $10! I love this website because they have really unique and cool retro clothing, jewelry, shoes, apartment items, gifts and alot more stuff I can't think of right now! I spend so much time looking at items on this website and when purchasing they are very helpful to the point of telling you if the item runs small, big, or true to size. This further promises the great fit of your purchase! Also when I have ordered from Mod Cloth, i get an unexpected gift in my box with my purchase. They also have a great policy of free shipping for US orders $50 or more. There is a "Be the Buyer" Program where we get to vote on samples before they become available to purchase. I really like it because I know theyre listening to my opinion on what I want to buy. They also have a really fantastic blog and are constantly running contests for gift cards! I seriously suggest you guys check out the site and join the modcloth community! I did and absolutely love being a part of it!

Click on this link here!

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